Sinful Wishing

Perched on the parapet, leaning against the wall
She sat so oblivious, letting the great drops fall.
The rain shimmered thick…a curtain of pearls
The wisps of her agonized soul seething in swirls.
The random gusts of wind piercing her through
Drifting her to the inner vaults where memories brew.
And so she sat strolling down the memory lane
Sinful wishes rising again, peace beginning to wane.
It was a journey of as much joy as of longing
His absence hurt, for him she felt herself pining.
Wishing she could, once again, really see him smile
Wishing for him to tease her again, laughing all the while.
Silently observing the world, she wished him by her side
His sturdy hand on her shoulder, mouth grinning wide.
Alone in the crowd, somehow hoping he’d land
Right there, right then, and hold her hand.
She wished she could just make him sit
And wordlessly admire, as long as time bid.
“Come back, please, oh please come back”.
Praying thus mutely, but afraid to say it aloud
Knowing that he trusted her to wait, as he cleared the cloud.
And she felt so sinful, knowing she was being selfish
How could she ask him for something that he couldn’t furnish.
It surprised her greatly, how two tiny words “come back”
Made her flinch, perhaps of her own will a lack.
So torn by the two words, again letting the great drops fall
Wishing she could say, and knowing she should not.

Until later, Cuidate!

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