The Scarlet Marriage

A poem I wrote for a school competition when I was fifteen. (entry rejected :p)

Nested in the blazing sands and dusts of the Thar
Together lived men of all religions and castes
There was a village mosque, and a village temple
Where prayers were offered everyday in ample
They passed each other, and passed a smile
"O! How happy we are!", together they cried
For happy they indeed were, day and night
They shared everything, but never a fight
Those men were 'liberal, noble and good'
God would have blessed them, if he could!

But, alas, in that village lived a couple
Whose love had landed them into trouble
The girl was Allah's own daughter
And the boy was a Hindu follower
But this small difference angered the temple priest
And the outraged mullah condemned the boy's creed
The two 'noble' heads declared a war
And out were drawn lathis, guns and swords
The blood thirsty crowd ran with weapons in hand
The swords rattled away and the guns banged

By the end of the day there was blood everywhere
No mercy shown and no body left to spare
On that bloody evening, sitting on the bloody ground
Was a terrified mother with painful cuts all around
She sat beside her dead children and cried:
"Such a cruel crime in broad daylight!
Bodies were slashed, blood shed, and stones were hurled
They killed the men and violated poor girls
God! You gave them everything, pride and money
But not even an ounce of peace and harmony!"

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  1. Now, I remember which poem were u toking about :P

    I still love it :)

  2. haha :) u helped with the poem :D

  3. Ah! At fifteen, you wrote this? Hats off Archika! Beautiful poem with a nice message.

    1. this is a mellowed down version of the original poem, no wonder my entry was rejected :P


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