Monkey And Me - II

Jannat :) But...there was a shady character in that delightful place. I was being stalked, let's refer to him as monkey.

Since the moment I first stepped into the campus, I could feel an evil eye following me everywhere, anticipating my every move, analysing my every situation. I felt strangled…and on the verge of a breakdown. Terror followed me everywhere I went, like a serpent waiting to strike. Every breath was a risk, every step a danger. Those were some of the worst moments ever lived.

And the vicious stalker was none other than, well, a monkey…

The citizens of my shiksha ka mandir (accompanied with the gesture of a sweep of my hand in a semicircle above my head) are forever in fear of the killer monkeys. They roam around majestically, stealing when they wish, striking and pouncing any pretty babe they desire. They have a birthright on every edible item, how dare you even think of eating it! If any object that you’re carrying catches their fancy, then of course they have a divine right over it. Either you hand over the disputed item with all due respect, or it will be snatched away, obviously. Even the creators of the “green” campus cower to the ground in their presence. All that’s left is for them to collect hafta from us now…

However, my fear reached unprecedented heights when the monkeys made me the target of their most atrocious expedition. Given how big-hearted, spendthrift, gullible, innocent, kind and sweet I am, I had bullied a senior into giving me ten bucks, with which I bought a choco-bar :D I was enjoying my well-earned treat in the sun, perched on the college wall, in the delightful company of my friends when my intuition warned me of danger! Out of the corner of my eye I could watch a huge mass of muscular brown fur leaping and running and jumping and lurching all the way towards me! In a blur of moments the monster was right before my eyes!! Yes sir, right before my very eyes, believe it or not, and baring his fangs that were covered in green phlegm!!! :O My very heart leaped out of my throat and jumped into my bag to seek cover, bloody bastard.

The indestructible incarnation of Lord Hanuman then stretched out his paws, and I sadly realized what I would have to give up L But I am no coward! Very bravely, I simply abandoned my ice cream and ran…

How I am alive to tell the tale still astonishes me…but my heart (bloody bastard) still cries when I think of that choco-bar bought with bullied-money.

Until later, Cuidate!

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