Dua Aur Baddua

Delhi...a magical city of quick fixes
A sweet cocktail of acidic mixes
Wide roads and patli galiyan
Studs and hunks and sexy phuljhadiyan
Skyscrapers beside rotten slums
Bhains ka doodh and beers and rums
Splashing away in boutiques and malls
Then bargaining at Janpath for tops and shawls
Sweet to your face, oh so polite
Turn your back, and we are deadlier than dynamite

In this city of riches and power, honey
Everyone can turn gobar into money
And once when I was asked, "Oh Miss!
Which is the best business to put in bucks?"
Without batting my eyelids and without a miss
I promptly opened my lips and replied thus:
Bhikhari ki dukaan is of course the best!
The most innovative, and a cut above the rest
A business of dua and baddua is all it takes,
with zero investment, to dig profit's lakes
And its cheap on the pockets of the customers too
Let me give you an example very true:

For the first ten bucks, Maai, tujhe sunder pati mile
For the second ten bucks, Bibiji, teri jodi bani rahe
For the third ten bucks and clutching your feet
Teri godh mein ho chand sa lalla, saasu gaye tere geet
And when you fail to pay up, they kick your shins
And curse your thirty-bucks-relationship to the bins!
But of course it helps, if you are seeking a divorce
Because for another ten bucks, you are freed of your remorse
And thus the lakhs of rupees spent from wedding to divorce
Are handled by the humble beggar in forty bucks, senor :)

Until later, Cuidate!

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  1. hahahhah! :P
    I loved the description of Delhi in the first stanza! :D
    I miss being in Delhi :')

  2. meticulously captured the essence of the city..
    I loved it completely! :) and the hinglish was awesome!! :)

    1. certainly helps capturing the essence when it is an "aapbeeti" :P ;)


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