Its A Virtual World!

First they said the world was flat.
Then they said the world was round.
Then they said it was a small world to be in.
And now I say, it's small enough to fit in a screen!

The following is a chat conversation between me and my bestestest friend forever, Mehr. She loves me dearly. Even from another country, she never fails to enquire after my well-being, albeit after solving the mystery about toilets... :p

I have taken the liberty to publish this conversation without her permission since she has exams from Monday, and was, thus, unavailable online. All the best, Mehr! 3:)

neha: :D
11:42 AM why are toilet flush handles on the left sidE?
me: umm
socha nhi kabhi
neha: kitni sochne waali baat hai naa
har jagah
left side par hi flush hota hai!!
me: dekh reasn ye ho sakta hai ki
11:43 AM jb hum flush karne k liye mudte hai
toh wo hamare liye right bann jata hai
n 90% ppl r ryt handed
neha: hmm...
nice answer!!
11:44 AM yaar
lekin agar uth kar flush karen toh left hua naa
me: right hua
11:45 AM neha: haaaaan!!
main yeh subah se soch rhi thi
11:46 AM ohh..btw
kaise hai?
howz everything?

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  1. Does your friend know this chat is here? :P

  2. yes she does :P she is not BEST friend for nothing :P


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