The More I Imagine The More I Know

I imagine touching the fabric of the universe
And I appreciate more the soil below my feet
I imagine hearing nature's mystic verse
And then I know the miracle of my own heart's beat
I imagine the vivid colours of a rainbow
And then I applaud a painter's show
I imagine my palms to be the source of snow
And then I know winter's stunning icy glow

I imagine myself in a good life ahead
With a lot of cash, a cottage, and a car
But then I know it won't come easy
And I prepare to work hard to go that far
I imagine being with the love of my life
And keeping all my friends very close
But when I wander alone most of the time
Then I know I've neglected more than I chose

When I imagine wrong being done to me
The more I know what compassion means
And then I imagine being in the shoes of others
Thus I understand how deeply they feel
And Einstein had once rightly said so
"Knowledge yes, but imagination is definitely the way to go"
And I agree, I don't know much physics though,
That the more I imagine, the more I know

Until later, Cuidate!

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  1. Replies
    1. composed for a contest called blogomania on "the more i imagine, the more I know"
      Though they meant it to be interpreted differently than I did, the resulting piece was a mirror of my heart, and I chose to keep it :)


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