Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Sweetness Of Your Pain - III

( -continued)

What was even more stabbing was when she forced me to talk about "love", instead of just listening, and then fights would ensue.

Well, they were not big fights, but enough to irk me to the bones. Somehow, it was just impossible for Zahira to fathom that a person could be such a non-believer. "One day, when love happens to you, then we'll see", she would say. And I would smirk and smile, trusting my obstinacy. Love and impossibility, I thought.

Obviously, I was wrong :p

It happened in the most unimaginable way possible :) Unique in every sense, sweet and with its own dosage of humour. And as Corazon had said, fit to be sent to Maggi Unique Love Stories :p But simply because its mine, sorry, ours, it will always be the greatest and the sweetest and the best love story ever for me :')

I shall not indulge in the details of the story right now, what I want to say is how blissful its been :) Its amazing how you simply start coexisting, and feel like you have known him forever. That you can actually like everything about him, and say it too.That that one person can turn your world upside down, make you more grounded, make you fly, make you more adventurous, make you more timid! To say it in just one word, love is a contradiction... :)

If you have been in love too, you would know what its like. How joys and pleasures remain incomplete unless you share it with him. How you wait for the day to end so you can talk to him, even if just to say goodnight. How you constantly think of him, wondering, dreaming. How you just want him to be a part of everything that is yours.

And while he is away for a little while, however filmy it would have sounded earlier, you end up glimpsing him in your dreams everynight. Sitting alone on the terrace, with the cool winds blowing, you find yourself wishing for his presence, just simply his presence. Sometimes walking along the sideway, alone in the crowd, hoping he would come and silently hold your hand. And when it rains heavy, you stand at the window, nose pressed against the glass, heart filled with joy, but a tear or two manage to roll down (Caution: that will make you look like a pig :p). You wish he was there, clutching your shoulder, light but firm. Smiling mischievously, teasing you, full of life, well, you miss all that.

But there is a sweetness to revel in the the pain of separation as well. A sweetness no one but only he could give you. A sweetness with its own romance and melody attached to it. Its the sweetness of your pain, which you would not exchange for anything else... :) For there is only one person for whom you can wait all your life, and love forever :') XD

Untill later, Cuidate!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mere Hamsafar

अरमानों का शहर गर टूटे इस कदर
छूट जायें सब उम्मीदें, मुस्किल हो जाए डगर
तुम रहना पास यूँ ही अपना जुनून लेकर
फिर मुकम्मल सारा जहाँ होगा, मेरे हमसफ़र

आँखों का साहिल जब मचलता ही जाए
बह जाए, छूट जाए, और काबू में न आए
तुम रहना पास यूँ ही अपना हौंसला लेकर
फिर खुशियों का समा होगा, मेरे हमसफ़र

आँधियाँ जब दिल का दस्तक खटखटायें
गिला-शिकवा, बेचैनियाँ, घर कर जाएँ
तुम रहना पास यूँ ही अपना सुकून लेकर
फिर मीठी नींद सा नशा होगा, मेरे हमसफ़र

अनकहे जज़्बातों को समझते रहना तुम मगर
आँखों के प्यार को पढ़ते रहना हर नज़र
तुम रहना पास यूँ ही अपनी मुहब्बत लेकर
फिर जन्नत भी फिदा होगा, मेरे हमसफ़र

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sweetness Of Your Pain - II

( -continued)

And then, there were those conversations about "love" :p

As you might have figured out about me by now, I'm not one of those people who champion the ideas of love and sacrifice and other such movie legends :p I belong to the tribe of those cynics who will gladly shatter the happy world of a beaming child by grandly proclaiming that there is no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy, no angels, no fairies, no miracles, etc, etc XD I am always more than happy to burst people's ideas that they live in a bubble of everything good. Sigh, brings back the memory of the time when I used to bully my baby brother, and would tell him that even his Spiderman can't save him from me!! The poor kid would look so horror-stricken and I would laugh, true Ravan style :') ( oh and I mean the mythological character, not the Mani movie :p)

So, getting back to love, most of us have a rough idea of what girls are like. Huddled around in groups, heads sticking close, chattering excitedly in whispers, they can go on and on and on forever about, well, love :p And inevitably, true to the free period rituals, I was forced to be a part of these. Wahi waqt tha jab bhagwan par se bharosa uth gaya! PURE torture! These love sessions were even more horrible than those shopping discussions, exchanging tidbits on the latest trends, giving serious advice on which shampoo and conditioner to use, which beauty parlour lady was the nicest, which cream was best for pimples, so on and so forth. (And you thought being a girl was easy, huh?)

There was this friend of mine, let's call her Zahira, who would eat up my ears telling me about her dream guy, the things she would like him to do for her, hell, her plans for her wedding. She obsessively shared all the details like the catering, the decoration, even the tentative guest list, the shopping, bridal beauty procedures, honeymoon, house, get the idea. Believe it or not, she even drew out designs of the blouse she wanted, and painstakingly described the lehenga embroidery she desired.

What was even more stabbing was when she forced me to talk about "love", instead of just listening, and then fights would ensue.

( -to be continued)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sweetness Of Your Pain - I

First thing first. It's a matter of great pride for me that I have always been the unrivalled winner of the highly esteemed titles of "Draculous Personality of the Millenium", "Duchess of Insensitivity", "Rudest amongst the Rude" . I have always been looked upon with great awe and respect, for I have been conferred, countless times, with the dignitaries of "The Empty Well of Sympathy", "The Forsaker of Humanity", "So-Practical-That-She-Is-Cruel", "Heartless o Mighty" et al. These appreciations and acknowledgments have always given me great courage. They have been my source of encouragement to further sharpen my skills to kill with deadly sarcasm, look down upon any good feelings and intentions in the world, be downright insulting to everybody, laugh in their faces, and fill my already-full-to-the-brim cup with even more attitude.

Dear friends, thank you for recognising me for what I really am, for identifying and boosting my true potential. I will always be grateful to all of you. You have shaped what I am today :')

Having achieved so much success in my field of specialization, needless to say, nostalgia hit me :) Old memories came rushing back, flooding worse than Tsunami.

I clearly remember, whenever I tricked someone into making me help them, the sadistic pleasure my heart would revel in everytime I disregerded their gratitudes, oh heavenly!! Carrying some of my friends to the physician's, my euphoria at watching thier ill faces was often mistaken for my concern. Hah, how foolish! Not giving my completed homeworks on time (only rarely, because I am lazier than all XD ) , smiling sometimes at the heartwarming things they said, whispering a few comforting words to them, listening patiently when they poured their hearts out, waiting with them since their bus was late, drawing their biology diagrams beneath the desk in class, settling differences between two bickering friends, trying to help in making the atmosphere humorous, and just simply being there ...they never understood that all these things were a part of a greater evil scheme! These humans with hearts, I tell can so easily make them blind to your inner delirious Satan, hahahaha!!!

And then, there were those conversations about "love" :p

( -to be continued)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vivre - II

( -continued)


Delhi. The Red Beauty soon became a thorn in the shoe. By the time I reached my early teens, it was in pathetic condition. Ghanti chhod ke sab bajta tha! It was heavy, squeaky and we were incompatible. But, the MOST embarassing thing was, it used to make pathetic, squeaky, hair-raising, rodent-like noises EVERYTIME a cute guy passed me by...


And yet I never complained. For I was a pain to her as much as she was to me. The poor thing was scratched everywhere, thanks to my experiments and daredevilry :p She had to bear a lot of weight, thanks to my generosity I always found a friend who needed a lift :p And well, I did not exactly leave her gadgets in perfect working condition :p

So however moody and fidgety my little red Senorita might be, we were still friends, despite everything. (Though I'll never forgive her for thou-shalt-be-embarassed-in-front-of-cute-guys.) It was a classic example of symbiosis. Mutual consent to live together for the fulfillment of interests of the selves.

Well, the thing is, I realized that Life is pretty much like the red senorita! She will hit you, and you will hit her back. You will hit her, and she will hit you back. Life will not always be hunky-dory, she will be harsh, heavy, and ahh, will land you in embarassing situations as well ;) But most times, she will try to make things comfortable for you. She will carry your weight, take you where you want to go, and bear it when you are being a brat.

Ultimately, its a matter of choice. We can either crib, cry, complain and sulk with our Life. Or we can try and be friends with her :) Just like the best friends who'll pull our leg whenever possible, but will stand by us whenever we need them.

I chose to be friends with my Life, just like I was with my red bull :) I am game for everything she has in strore, ready for all the times when she will rough me up, hungry for everything that she has to teach, and eager for the rewards she has to offer. After all, the journey can't be made without her ;)

So friends, that was our first character...Life.

Vivre...French for "Life".

Untill next time, Cuidate!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Vivre - I

My best days were spent in Nasik. More on that later. What's more important is, I was the champion toddler of the tricycle races (so much for modesty!). I was good competition even to five year olds.

Bangalore. I got my first proper bicycle when I was six. Its another matter that I did not master it untill two years later. But when I finally did, we understood each other perfectly. She understood my command at my slightest movement, I understood how to explore what she had to offer. Well, we were GREAT companions! She was the mistress of my afternoons, my evenings, and when the treachorous school was off, even my mornings. (Nights were utilised for sleeping. No other option with Mom wailing "Sleeeppp!!! Oh thee, the violator-of-my-peace! Sleeepp!!")

She made me capable of flying, strong rushes of wind in my hair was something that became perennial. She made me feel like a teenager already, independent and mobile. We spent two blissful years together. My magenta bicycle, I love you and I miss you! :')

When I turned ten, my father gifted me a new bike. A big, strong, red bull. Great looks, great features. My brand new Hero Siren. Indicators, headlights, speedometer, heck, even a number plate! (That was just a plastic sticker though, but enough to boost my vanity). It was not suited for my petite frame, more of a mountain bike, but I handled it well. It was my choice and I was proud of it. I was the envy of every other kid.


( -to be continued)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Mulaqat...Urdu for "meeting".

Greetings to all, pehli mulaqat ki mubarak! This is our first outing together, and I hope we begin to like each other along the journey..

Life is beautiful, and very interesting! The everyday 24 hours are filled with joys, pleasures, whinings, disappointments, dullness, laughter, illusions, tears, anger, hopes...and everything imaginable. The25thHour is my sancta sanctorum to appreciate the gift of those twenty four hours.

This space is the stage for many characters, who will be the tools to share myself with you. They are real people who have become a part of my life, and , thus, inevitably a part of me. Their lives so perfectly intwined with mine that I possibly cannot see them as separate entities. Every life is a saga, the lives of others being the stories in the epic :)

And this to my friends, identify the characters as soon as you can ;)

Untill next post till I introduce the first of them all!

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