Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Know You Are There

In the yellow fields of mustard that lie before my eyes
I see men working hard, their heads echoing with their children’s cries.
But when I see them smile with each sway of breeze, in the midst of their plights
I know you are there.

In those very fields, the ripe saplings dance to the song of the breeze
The shallow waters ripple and the naked children sneeze.
But when frenzied young girls run along, their dupattas fluttering with ease
I know you are there.

On a red hot day, when the fiery flames shoot down to the soil
I see a mazdoor with a sad face, a result of his sorrow and his toil.
And yet, when the tar-black clouds cool down his blood’s boil
I know you are there.

In a beautiful snow-laden valley, which is torn by war
Where a soldier is hated, where he is upon scorned.
But when he is dying, and I hear your name on his lips being born
I know you are there.

A small little girl, just three years old
In her small little hands she clutches you, it is you she holds.
And when I see the love for you that the little girl beholds
I know you are there.

You are there all around, in the skies and the grounds
In the flattering smiles, and in all the angry growls.
In the dirt of the streets, in the glitter of the cars
Yes, you are there, in the tinkling of a child’s candy jars.
In the hopes of the youth, yes you are there.
In the merriment of the Yule, yes you are there.
You are there in the faith in everything good.
You are there in the sweet music of the wooden flute.
Even in the tears of failure, yes you are there.
Even in those hearts filled with anguish and fears, yes you are there.
You are there in the excitement and hope of a new birth.
You are there in the smell of the first rain-soaked earth.
And whenever I open my heart and peer
My love, my passion, my India
I know you are there.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skyshop Advertising

Friends, fans and followers!

Main bahut garib aur udas hu! Mujhe khane ko bhi nahi milta hai! High-end brands ke showroom meri khali pocket ko neecha dikhate hai! Rikshawale muje rolls-royce owners jaise lagte hai! Janpath mera ekmatra sahara hai! Yummy street food khate logo ko dekh kar meri aankhien nam ho jati hain!

Phir maine Blogomania ke baare mein suna!

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Blogomania ko pakar meri zindagi ne ek naya mod liya hai (lol)! Ab muje duniya ka koi darr nahi! Main naye atmavishwas ke sath aage badh sakti hu! Muje zarurat hai, toh bas apke kimti vote ki! Muje vote kijiye aur ME-THE-GREATEST-BLOGGER-EVER (lol) ko vijayi banaeye!
Apka pyar aur sahyog mere liye mahatvapurn hai!

Alright guys, I just realized I ended up mixing a netaji's speech and the skyshop drama together, sorry for that :p Anyway, please vote for the following posts (including this one, just for being such a stupid appeal) :-

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Vote for me now! Blogomania 2011 sponsored by - India’s Leading portal to find apartments for sale and apartments for rent
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