The Sweetness Of Your Pain - III

( -continued)

What was even more stabbing was when she forced me to talk about "love", instead of just listening, and then fights would ensue.

Well, they were not big fights, but enough to irk me to the bones. Somehow, it was just impossible for Zahira to fathom that a person could be such a non-believer. "One day, when love happens to you, then we'll see", she would say. And I would smirk and smile, trusting my obstinacy. Love and impossibility, I thought.

Obviously, I was wrong :p

It happened in the most unimaginable way possible :) Unique in every sense, sweet and with its own dosage of humour. And as Corazon had said, fit to be sent to Maggi Unique Love Stories :p But simply because its mine, sorry, ours, it will always be the greatest and the sweetest and the best love story ever for me :')

I shall not indulge in the details of the story right now, what I want to say is how blissful its been :) Its amazing how you simply start coexisting, and feel like you have known him forever. That you can actually like everything about him, and say it too.That that one person can turn your world upside down, make you more grounded, make you fly, make you more adventurous, make you more timid! To say it in just one word, love is a contradiction... :)

If you have been in love too, you would know what its like. How joys and pleasures remain incomplete unless you share it with him. How you wait for the day to end so you can talk to him, even if just to say goodnight. How you constantly think of him, wondering, dreaming. How you just want him to be a part of everything that is yours.

And while he is away for a little while, however filmy it would have sounded earlier, you end up glimpsing him in your dreams everynight. Sitting alone on the terrace, with the cool winds blowing, you find yourself wishing for his presence, just simply his presence. Sometimes walking along the sideway, alone in the crowd, hoping he would come and silently hold your hand. And when it rains heavy, you stand at the window, nose pressed against the glass, heart filled with joy, but a tear or two manage to roll down (Caution: that will make you look like a pig :p). You wish he was there, clutching your shoulder, light but firm. Smiling mischievously, teasing you, full of life, well, you miss all that.

But there is a sweetness to revel in the the pain of separation as well. A sweetness no one but only he could give you. A sweetness with its own romance and melody attached to it. Its the sweetness of your pain, which you would not exchange for anything else... :) For there is only one person for whom you can wait all your life, and love forever :') XD

Untill later, Cuidate!


  1. It made me smile...
    It made me dream..
    It made me wonder..
    What exactly 'love' means!!!
    lol...LOVED it :)

  2. thank u :)
    bt its smthng u hv 2 exprnc fr urslf 2 truly undrstnd :)
    words cn nvr justify :)

  3. Anonymous16 May, 2014

    I like this :D Hope I could post a better comment here, but alas! this world is unknown still :P

  4. Hullo!
    Haha didn't know people still visited this page :'D
    That world will one day come crashing down on you ;)


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