The Sweetness Of Your Pain - I

First thing first. It's a matter of great pride for me that I have always been the unrivalled winner of the highly esteemed titles of "Draculous Personality of the Millenium", "Duchess of Insensitivity", "Rudest amongst the Rude" . I have always been looked upon with great awe and respect, for I have been conferred, countless times, with the dignitaries of "The Empty Well of Sympathy", "The Forsaker of Humanity", "So-Practical-That-She-Is-Cruel", "Heartless o Mighty" et al. These appreciations and acknowledgments have always given me great courage. They have been my source of encouragement to further sharpen my skills to kill with deadly sarcasm, look down upon any good feelings and intentions in the world, be downright insulting to everybody, laugh in their faces, and fill my already-full-to-the-brim cup with even more attitude.

Dear friends, thank you for recognising me for what I really am, for identifying and boosting my true potential. I will always be grateful to all of you. You have shaped what I am today :')

Having achieved so much success in my field of specialization, needless to say, nostalgia hit me :) Old memories came rushing back, flooding worse than Tsunami.

I clearly remember, whenever I tricked someone into making me help them, the sadistic pleasure my heart would revel in everytime I disregerded their gratitudes, oh heavenly!! Carrying some of my friends to the physician's, my euphoria at watching thier ill faces was often mistaken for my concern. Hah, how foolish! Not giving my completed homeworks on time (only rarely, because I am lazier than all XD ) , smiling sometimes at the heartwarming things they said, whispering a few comforting words to them, listening patiently when they poured their hearts out, waiting with them since their bus was late, drawing their biology diagrams beneath the desk in class, settling differences between two bickering friends, trying to help in making the atmosphere humorous, and just simply being there ...they never understood that all these things were a part of a greater evil scheme! These humans with hearts, I tell can so easily make them blind to your inner delirious Satan, hahahaha!!!

And then, there were those conversations about "love" :p

( -to be continued)


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