Mulaqat...Urdu for "meeting".

Greetings to all, pehli mulaqat ki mubarak! This is our first outing together, and I hope we begin to like each other along the journey..

Life is beautiful, and very interesting! The everyday 24 hours are filled with joys, pleasures, whinings, disappointments, dullness, laughter, illusions, tears, anger, hopes...and everything imaginable. The25thHour is my sancta sanctorum to appreciate the gift of those twenty four hours.

This space is the stage for many characters, who will be the tools to share myself with you. They are real people who have become a part of my life, and , thus, inevitably a part of me. Their lives so perfectly intwined with mine that I possibly cannot see them as separate entities. Every life is a saga, the lives of others being the stories in the epic :)

And this to my friends, identify the characters as soon as you can ;)

Untill next post till I introduce the first of them all!



  1. Mubaraq...for ur new blog :)
    Love d name...the 25th hour and the idea 'fcourse!!
    nd yeah desperately w8ng for the next installment!! ;)

  2. ajeeb ittefaq hai, guftagoo bhi ho gayi kitni... aur mulaqat ab bhi baaki hai!


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