The Sweetness Of Your Pain - II

( -continued)

And then, there were those conversations about "love" :p

As you might have figured out about me by now, I'm not one of those people who champion the ideas of love and sacrifice and other such movie legends :p I belong to the tribe of those cynics who will gladly shatter the happy world of a beaming child by grandly proclaiming that there is no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy, no angels, no fairies, no miracles, etc, etc XD I am always more than happy to burst people's ideas that they live in a bubble of everything good. Sigh, brings back the memory of the time when I used to bully my baby brother, and would tell him that even his Spiderman can't save him from me!! The poor kid would look so horror-stricken and I would laugh, true Ravan style :') ( oh and I mean the mythological character, not the Mani movie :p)

So, getting back to love, most of us have a rough idea of what girls are like. Huddled around in groups, heads sticking close, chattering excitedly in whispers, they can go on and on and on forever about, well, love :p And inevitably, true to the free period rituals, I was forced to be a part of these. Wahi waqt tha jab bhagwan par se bharosa uth gaya! PURE torture! These love sessions were even more horrible than those shopping discussions, exchanging tidbits on the latest trends, giving serious advice on which shampoo and conditioner to use, which beauty parlour lady was the nicest, which cream was best for pimples, so on and so forth. (And you thought being a girl was easy, huh?)

There was this friend of mine, let's call her Zahira, who would eat up my ears telling me about her dream guy, the things she would like him to do for her, hell, her plans for her wedding. She obsessively shared all the details like the catering, the decoration, even the tentative guest list, the shopping, bridal beauty procedures, honeymoon, house, get the idea. Believe it or not, she even drew out designs of the blouse she wanted, and painstakingly described the lehenga embroidery she desired.

What was even more stabbing was when she forced me to talk about "love", instead of just listening, and then fights would ensue.

( -to be continued)


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