Atulya Aaaenn

On a fine lazy Saturday morning (the kids in my clan regard waking up at 12 noon fit enough for a suryanamskar),two clan-kids , me and my brother, sat in a Rectangle Bed Conference. Matters of prime importance were scheduled to be discussed. Acting as representatives of two immensely proud nations, serious diplomacy was required to negotiate ways around each other’s iron-bound foreign policies. This is the conversation that took place.

Me: “Greetings, gentleman! It’s a fine morning indeed. Hope you have had a hearty breakfast.”
Brother: “Greetings, gentlewoman! Nay, sadly breakfast has eluded me this morning. Mother refuses to serve me nourishment before I brush my teeth. Tyranny rules.”
Me: “True, true…very sad indeed. Do not lose heart, though. Swadisht hawa khaiye!
Brother: “Dhanyawaad,bahut tasty hai! What is our agenda for today, pray?”
Me: “Yes, I was getting to that. Ranndeep Hooda in Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster… did you know he is from our Haryana?”
Brother: “Oh, is he?”
Me: “Yes, sir, very much. Hooda comes from Haryana. Also, Haryana has a Chief Minister called Hooda. But he happens to be a different Hooda, mysteriously. And surely you must be aware of H.U.D.A?”
Brother: “H.U.D.A??”
Me: “Your ten year old life breeds much ignorance, sir. H.U.D.A stands for Haryana Urban Development Authority.”
Brother: “Oh! LOL :D”
Me: “Abbe hass kyu raha hai?”
Brother: “Hahaha Hudda :D”
Me: “Yes. So?”
Brother: “Haryana ka Hudda, toh Punjab ka Pudda :D Hahaha :D”
Me: “LOL :D Nice, nice, very nice.”

*Mutual laughter continues for some time*

Me: “Tamil Nadu ka Tudda :D” (Ignoring Nadu)
Brother: “Mahahaha :D Too good :’D”

*More laughter*

Brother: “Karnataka ka Kudda!! J&K ka kya hoga? Jkudda?”
Me: “Nahi re.Judda-Kudda!”
Brother: “Yes! :D Aur Jharkhand ka Judda :D LOL :D”
Me: “LOL”
Brother: “West Bengal ka Budda :’D” (Ignoring West)

*Me laughing and brother rolling around roaring clutching his tummy*

Me: “You are too good, gentleman. My nation is proud to have relations with your distinguished country.”
Brother: “The feelings are mutual, gentlewoman! Hang on, tum kaun desh se aayi?”
Me: “Phhrrr (with pride)”
Brother: “Huh?”
Me: “Phhrrr.”
Brother: “Phrr?”
Me: “No. Phhrrr. Your lower lip must vibrate over your tongue. Try again.”
Brother: “Phhhhr.”
Me: “You are pathetic. Thara desh kunsa se?”
Brother: “Aaaenn (with pride)”
Me: “Aein?”
Brother: “Aaaenn.Cow ki tarah muh banao aur naak se bolo.”
Me: “Aeeen?”
Brother: “Bekar!”

Brother: “Aaaenn! Incredible Aaaenn!”
Me: “Hahaha”
Brother: “Atulya Aaaenn!
Me: “Mahahah”

*Brother laughing and me rolling around roaring clutching my stomach*

Me: *burp*
Brother: “Ye kya tha?”
Me: “Ye mommy ke desh ka naam hai. Ye ek aisa desh hai jiska naam har baar alag tareeke se pronounce kiya jata hai.”
Brother: “LMAO :D”
Me: “Acha bata, khana khane ke baad log kya karte hain?”
Brother: “Kya?”
Me: “Mommy ke desh ka naam lete hain :D”

*Both rolling around roaring clutching their stomachs while Mother watches with eyebrow raised in disgust*

Pagal hain mere gharwale!

Untill later, Cuidate!

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  1. And ek aur 'Kuch bhi kuch bhi' post :P :D
    PS : I so LOVE ur brother :D

  2. kya baat hai :P cool post B)

  3. you know what!!... I can be crazy..and stupid and ridiculous...but I cant compare with you guys....tum dono maha-osom ho!!

  4. this is some hilarious stuff,and crazy and stupid can turn out to be the funniest episodes! :))

  5. @Raghav: truly said :) thanks for your comment!

  6. Have not read anything like this, ever! Hopefully, will do now. Hilarious post!

    PS- Nice to see you around on my blog

  7. Thanks a lot! And I LOVE your blog ^_^

  8. you're one in a million :*

  9. You made my new year start off laughing! :) P.S.: Tu velli hai :P How did you forget Delhi ka dudda? :P

  10. On that note, Happy New Year! :D
    PS: main aur mera bhai velle hain :P WHAT, I forgot Dudda? Damn! we did actually chuckle on that as well, but forgot to include it in the post :p my poor memory :P

  11. OMG! Can't tell you how much did I laugh! :D

    You are awesome in describing conversation! :)

    1. Haha glad to hear that :D This is my brother's favourite post, one can easily guess why :P


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