How To Kill A Mocking Bird

Vellapanti amidst a lot of work drives crazy people (such as me) to do crazy things (such as this). Vellapanti amidst a lot of work drives crazy people (such as me) to do incessant talking (such as this) about crazy topics (such as the Mocking Bird) for a crazy number of times (such as such as) when the focus should have been on something very crazily different (such as browsing books) absorbed in a crazy mood (such as temporary goodbyes). Hating goodbyes amidst other things drives crazy people (such as me) wonder about crazy things (such as asymptotes, for no obvious reason) and freeze in one facial expression (such as sulking). Awesomeness amidst sulking drives crazy people (such as me) to be fascinated by crazy creatures (such as the Mocking Bird), and awesomeness amidst sulking when coupled with vellapanti amidst a lot of work drives crazy people (such as me) to be awed by crazy features (such as gmail smileys) and hold a dramatic English court conversation between two emoticon characters (such as the Evil Princess and the Monkey King) about magical invincible crazy creatures (such as the Mocking Bird) instead of doing the 'a lot of work' that had to be done (such as writing a full fledged technical report) that has a deadline (such as a few hours).

If you understood what I blabbered above, this is how I spent my morning instead of doing my work, simply because I was so fascinated with the smileys and, well, the Mocking Bird :p Please, do not judge me!


  1. For readability, click on the image :p

  2. thanks to Corazon fr the screenshot :D and thus subjugatng the rest f u to torture wuhaha ;p

  3. hahahahha...Now that's a great way to deal with goodbyes ;)
    I'll remember it, wen the time comes!! :P

  4. Dhisshhhh kiyaaeooo!! *killing the mocking bird in one single shot*

  5. anybody who kills the mocking bird shall be sent to the dungeons :P

    *background music** koi patthar se na mare mere dewane ko...*

  6. For readability, I clicked on the image :P :)

    1. Ah finally someone picked up the cue :D


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