The Waltz

Disheartened, disillusioned, dis-anchored
Until you gathered me up in your arms
And started a slow dance, my very first
And yours too, I guess, waltzing together
Moving slowly, at peace, soaking in the warmth
Requiring no music
The rhythm set listening to your heartbeat
Engulfed in love abound
And then came the realization:
My roots are with you...

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  1. I guess ill have to improve my vocabulary to comment on such beautiful poems of I always fall short of words :)

  2. dat wouldn't be required, else I wont understand the comments :P angrezi zara kamzor hai meri

  3. As always archika...TAKE A BOW! :) a very beautiful piece and seriously even my vocab falls short of the awe that your writings generate

  4. All thanks to MS WORD thesaurus :P
    nice poem :)

  5. I still couldn't get it(the last part of it; read it thrice). :|

    I'm sure when I will it'll be beautiful!
    Maybe kyunki mujhe saccha pyaar nahi hua kisi se :P

  6. nice XD and talking of vocabulary i don't have one to begin with:P


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