The Hermit's Song - I

(The characters and events in the hermit's song bear no resemblance to any person or incident whatsoever. The readers are not liable to accuse the author of any links with any political group or organization. Readers shall be prosecuted against if they scrutinize her bank accounts and financial assets (she has none, you see). Publicity and cheap popularity can also not be quoted as potential motives. However, sheer satire and sadism may be considered and brought into view)

In a land far far away
In a time long bygone
A prophecy was cast upon us
That had the populace torn

A commonwealth fairy, very pretty
told the enchanted Delhi dude
"Thou shalt be my host, o prince
And thou shalt me not elude"

Returned the happy prince charming
And chirruped to rajmata Sheila
"Maa, Maa, I bring forth good news
We will host the 2010 khel leela"

Beaming with pride, Maa Sheila wept
And held the prince close to her breast
"O my son, meri aankhon ka tara
Here, have mere hath ka halwa"

So that happy incident laced with cheer
Drove the mango-man to despair
For this is the great Indian land, he knew
where baraatis feast more than the groom

( -to be continued)


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