The Hermit's Song - II

( -continued)

So that happy incident laced with cheer
Drove the mango-man to despair
For this is the great Indian land, he knew
Where baraatis feast more than the groom

The mango-man was ripened out of his wits
For the ministers were rubbing their fists
"We shalt honour what the Lord has meant
Wealth of the COMMONwealth we shalt spend"

Here I pause to pinch my ears
Curse my tongue and begin with fear
For the politicia are my evil inspiration
And I weep for denouncing my motivation.

Zeal and passion governs their thirst
Enthusiasm and dedication to be the first
to gobble up the "greens"; waists are nurtured
They never burp, mind you, they are cultured.

It's very tiring work to rob the aam aadmi
A job one can't do without hath ki safai
It's a rare talent indeed, believe me or not
Who else could spend millions on toilet paper and pot

Nay gentlemen, don't smirk, don't sneer
The hardwork involved is still to you not clear
To think up road labyrinths is rocket science
Cultivating patience in the countrymen in traffic lines

They care to remind us of our colonial past
To relive the pain of discriminations vast
Blue lane for the commonwealth, none for the rest
"O you slimy Indians, pay 2000 fine, what a pest"

( -to be continued)


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