Mehr - III

( -continued)

But we had our sane moments as well.

When I had first met Mehr, she had been undergoing a personal crisis. I got to know about it almost an year later. Such was the strength of this girl that she almost always maintained a joyous exterior at school. Never bending down, never giving a clue to the hell that rioted her from within. When she finally did tell me, not only was I vastly surprised (because I believed Mehr's stomach to be incapable of digesting matters :p) but I also developed a deeper, more profound sense of respect for her.

Then there were times when she would just simply come because she did not know what to do. Be it buddy trouble, "SRK" trouble, real SRK trouble, lost-pen trouble, lost-everything trouble (yes, including lost bottles and umbrellas), haailaa..exams-round-the-corner anxiety (I wasn't much help in that field though, it gave me pleasure to scare her even more ;) ) mum-doesn't-let-me-read-novels-in-the-toilet trouble (I taunted her about this; "I do it all the time Mehr, become smarter"), and sometimes serious trouble as well. Many hours were spent comforting, consoling...

In the first board year, she told me she would be leaving next year. I never paid attention to it. "When the time comes", I thought, "I'll convince her to stay". What I had forgotten was that I could only convince her, not the family. And when the time did come, I discovered how utterly helpless I was. Mehr, when you left, it did hurt real bad. (There, I said it finally)

Luckily for us, distance deepened the bond even more. To Riya's utter ecstacy, I had always been horrible at phone conversations, which meant I hung up as soon as she was done with asking the homework, no chatting no nothing. To Zahira's utter dismay, I had always been horrible at phone conversations, which meant no chatting no nothing from my side. Zahira droned on and on and I said 'yes yes' periodically :p And so to my surprise, I could talk to Mehr on the phone with relative ease. Friendship grew purely on the rythm of voices. We did not see each other for nearly another year. After that her visits became somewhat regular (Dentists have a thankless job I say :p).

We have shared all the times that can be, joy and sorrow alike. But laughter was always the music :) Mehr, I have learned many things from you. No matter what others say or think, whether they expect too much or too low, I know that you are a wonderful person. You have been the first who I could really call a best friend. I know that I still don't confide, and that gets on your nerves sometimes, but that's the way I am and thank you for being so gracious about it. And sometimes the sarcasm gets too much, but what's life without humour :) I am not as visibly affectionate as you are, but thank you for understanding anyway. I am mean, I am cruel, I am rude, but thank you for still staying. I may not always have the solutions to all your problems, but I will always try :)

That was another of our characters, Mehr. But this is one of those stories that shall never end.

Mehr...Persian for "love", the same meaning as Neha.

Untill later, Cuidate!

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  1. It is so difficult to read in tears...u hv no idea hw i managed!! :')


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