Mehr - II

( -continued)

Oh, I remember, she was punished once!

Tughlaq (our character, another great and mad personality, more on her some other time) and Mehr were one day dancing. What's so great about it, you must be thinking. Well, you are right, except for the fact that they were dancing in the chemistry lab, with experiments on in full fledge!! There at the back were Mehr and Tughlaq, cheerfully singing along the tunes of Hare Raam Hare Krishna and happily twisting and turning their bodies about (for no apparent reason), untill............Mr. Ajay Sharma, our chemistry teacher (he was young and therefore popular) furiously marched over and ordered both the girls to get OUT.

Once ordered out, Tughlaq was scared out of her wits, while Mehr, our hero, was still singing Hare Raam Hare Krishna!!!! Later both of them even got into a small fight as Tughlaq blamed Mehr for their little misadventure, but Mehr, our hero, was still unfazed and was still singing Hare Raam Hare Krishna!!!!

Hilarious :) Though my only regret in life would be that it wasn't me who landed Mehr in any that sort of trouble :p

That reminds me, there was another signature Mehr move. Whenever jubilant, she would move her clenched fists in a horizontal circle in front of her, while at the same time rocking herself to and fro and chanting yay yay yay yay! ;)

I must state once again a great truth of my existence: I'm lazy XD So I never bothered carrying around a water bottle or an umbrella in the sweltering heat. Which Mehr dutifully did. And I considered it as my great duty to drive her nuts about it.

Before beginning on that, I must state a great truth of Mehr's existence: she is totally absent-minded XD So let's begin. Mehr's bottle was a product ahead of its time. I mean, every part was detachable (or broken). And given Mehr's attentiveness to her belongings, her bottle would always magically be found in a corner as far away from her as possible. And sometimes, I was the hand behind those magical-bottle-vanishing-acts. I still can't figure out why she would barge up to me and demand to know where the damned thing was...! Same story goes with her umbrella, the bloody thing kept disappearing only god (and me, sshhh...) knows where!

But can the story ever be complete without the art classes? Her white shirt was my canvas. And I, like a true artist, let the charcoal stubs run wild over it plummeted in the landscapes of my imagination... :) I don't know why but she would then behave like a crazy bull, charging after me in true Spanish bull fight imitation. Later I would send sorry-chits across the classroom to sober the animal in her down :p (Hey, I never meant those apologies, mind you!)

But we had our sane moments as well.

( -to be continued)


  1. U were always so fascinated with my bottle and my umbrella na?? :P

    nd those art classes were toh classic scenes...God i hated you fr it!! lol :D
    bt u noe, the truth is i always loved chasing you, i wasn't angry...was just being crazy!! :)


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