When Will My Life Begin?

Starry eyed as I watch them march
Towards their Banyans from beneath my Larch
Basking in their warm glowing delights
They stand taller as I watch with starry eyes

They flew the coop and I was left behind
They conquered realms and I'm yet to myself find
They achieved the most and became stuff of lore
I'm still under wings when they fearless soar

They toiled to the bones when I soundly slept
I procrastinated when their tears of accomplishment were wept
And opportunities passed me by when my eyes were shut
Wondering why didn't any ever my way strut

Dreaming of the future while my present ran past
Blind to the icebergs though perched on the mast
Knowingly a fool and losing while waiting to win
Asking my decades old life when will it begin?


  1. It begins whenever the conscience allows to.
    Btw, once again a lovely poem! I am so glad to find this blog :)
    Best regards,

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind comments :D
    And your blog is amongst the few hindi blogs of exemplary quality, hats off!


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