Open Proposal To Corazon

The moment I first laid my eyes upon you
My heart jumped a bit and mightily proclaimed!
That you, oh dear one, are my equivalent mechanism
and my life's mechanical advantage, it acclaimed!

My heart plundered forward like a 16 cylinder V engine
And used up twice the fuel whenever you came into view
The hound! Power steered after wherever you went
And went into resonant motion when it met you ;)

And my time since with you has been exceptionally stable
No friction, no vibrations, only and only lubrication!
Ah, lucky me, God has indeed blessed me, I feel
as if I'm an electric car in times of fuel inflation @}---

Because you have been my perfect truss of strength
Reinforced with fiber composite material
And strong as stainless steel in times of need
Standing like the Golden Gate Bridge imperial!

My piston, we are like the mating teeth of cycloidal gears
No possibility of interference, no fear of undercutting
You impart me with positive drive, oh Love!
And are my safety pressure valve in times trying.

You are as dear to me as bearings in a hub
Like bushing around a pin to guard from rub
So I go down upon my knee and beg you to dare
My soulmate, will you be my closed pair?

Source: Theory of Machines, S S Rattan


  1. haha!! hope the weld stays strong! :)

  2. hahaha :)
    Truly seems like a perfect proposal coming from the core of a Mechie! :)
    'My soulmate, will you be my closed pair?' Lovely!! :)


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