Sometimes you're lost in times gone by
You're standing right there as the world passes by
You want to race back to what once was
Time never waits; you're still fighting for a pause
The moment was too sweet but it cannot be relived
Precious times wait ahead, bygones cannot be retrieved
Sometimes someone's memories keep me submerged
When all the wonders of the world are just not enough

Sometimes you've lost all feelings and sensation
When you no longer are, but just a spectator
When experiences merely happen, and not lived through
And what you really see is not percieved to be true
For you are there elsewhere, in a world of your own
With the ones who are missing; the ones present, a lore
Sometime's someone's one whisper has the power to summon
When all the vivacity of the world is just not enough

Sometimes somewhere you're struck by what you see
Lovers sometimes, or huge groups of old friends filled with glee
You are surprised and disgusted by the emotion rising in you
Jealousy abound, you wish that that could be you
Jealousy becomes hatred, those people you scorn
You are shocked by the change, happy past is now a thorn
Sometimes that yearning sends tremors to the core
And you feel that nothing else could have hurt more

Sometimes you're so happy, the bounty of joy
The King of the world, fate your toy
Everything seems perfect and you're at bliss
And no happiness ever could give you a miss
You're content, not wanting, not wishing
But not peaceful, you realize something's missing
Sometimes someone's one little smile makes up
When the entire world's laughter is not enough

Sometimes...entire hours of being together simply don't do
And sometimes, just a little promise of the future pulls me through

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  1. I'm th King Of The World \o/
    alright, sorry, that was very random :P

  2. sheerly beautiful expression!! behad hi pyari!! I'd love to translate it in Hindi someday.. :)

    1. I'm really flattered :) that will be an honour for me :)


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