The prince rushed to the gloomy princess and said
"They say night after night you cry yourself to bed!
Is it true, my love? Oh, tell me what pains you so?
Please speak, beloved! I can't bear your sorrow!"
The prince implored as her eyes moistened again
And down fell the tear like the first drop of rain
Yet her silence persisted, and the prince urged
"The thorns of your heart must be purged!
I shall bring you anything that your heart wants
Exotic delicacies or maybe some country jaunts
The richest silks and the most precious of gems
The prettiest mare and little ribbons adorning your hems
I shall fill your garden with a thousand singing canaries
And you shall wake up to fragrant flowery canopies
Anything, anything at all to see you smile", he begged.
"Some of your time would be nice", she finally said


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