She was gloomy; "I miss you a lot", she pleaded
He smiled; "I love you even more", he conceded
"It is too difficult, my patience runs out"
"You keep me going, my love, don't back down"
"I am not as strong, I try my best"
"You are my support, the source of my strength"
"I do not know how to express my love"
"I read it in your eyes, my love"
"I miss your voice, your sound in my ears"
"To you my loving whispers the wind bears"
"Why stay away, look at the world with me"
"Your beautiful eyes will tell me all that has to be"
She said, "Come, my love, sit for a while with me"
"I will stand and watch your back", said he
"In a crowd I stand, and yet all alone"
"Feel my hand clasp yours, I'm your very own"
"Your face lingers in my eyes, why pain me so"
"You live in my heart, the same pain pulls me low"
"Rains remind me of you, like the boon of a seer"
"The raindrop resting on your lips is my elixir"
"It is so painful, for you my heart winces"
"Together we'll pull this off, my princess"
"I want you back, please, back right now"
"A little while more, and then to you my eternity I vow"

"You're far and yet so near...
I can wait forever, what are a few years"
"You are always around to renew me
You are my rock," said she

"All that it takes to be yours;
You are my soulmate", said he.

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  1. definitely a sweet piece!! ...Ur a good poet!! :)

  2. awesome poem XD
    it moved me :)

  3. Anonymous12 May, 2011

    The exquisiteness of your rhyme, interlocked with the leitmotif, awesome!

  4. Anonymous15 May, 2011

    I love whatever u write! U write things that makes me read them again and again and again. :)

  5. It was breath-taking, heart-stopping, thought-numbing, simply-awesome BEOOOTIFOOOOOLLL!!!! :* :*

    This is the second time I'm reading it! And i know I'll come back to read it again a million times!! :D

    PS- I am secretly going to forward it to my future-lover.. without giving you due credit!! Chalega?? :D

  6. Chalega yar :D i love to be the cupid :') :D

  7. "You're far and yet so near...
    I can wait forever, what are a few years"



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