The Joy Of Anticipation

The joy of a prayer being answered
Of a longing being fulfilled
Solitary moments coming to an end
The joy of distances being killed

The joy of a promise being honoured
Of destinies forever entwined
Drinking from the wisps of your fragrance
The joy of passions, strong and sublime

The joy of touching my dreams
Of a smile being smiled for real
Strolling together along boulevards
The joy of sharing the silent words

Life begins again only in your presence
The anticipation of a much-awaited arrival
The rest of my life unlived and still
Just trudging along for survival

Greatest is the joy of anticipation
Of happiness flooding once again
The joy of wishing and hopes soaring
Cherishing even the sweetness of your pain

The joy of being completed
Of peace and serenity
The joy when you say to me
Estoy enamorado de ti :)

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