Hasta la Vista: #23


When I moved to Bangalore two years ago, I never thought I would write a blog post about it. Though this city gave me, and still does, a thousand joys, experiences, adventures, friends, enemies (!), and woes...jotting it down for digital consumption seemed just too cliche! The "New Girl in the City!", non-glamorised "Wake Up Sid" and the "#BangaloreDiaries" kind of cliche, you get my gist?

But then I never thought I would ever love a city either, did I? Being an Air Force kid means that you pick up your bags and get going every few years. Which gives you a taste for every place, but puts you in a tough position to answer questions like "Where are you from?" or "Which is your favourite city?" The second question had always been particularly tricky for me. I used to believe that my never having stayed at a place long enough was the reason for being "answer-less", if I may, but Delhi proved me wrong :P I was there ten years, and never fell in love (with it).

In a weirdly discrete timeline, Bangalore has been the city of my infancy, my childhood and now my womanhood. Which makes me wonder why was I so surprised at discovering my love for it. But anyway, this post is not about that. This post is about the fact that I am going to leave Bangalore soon. And that I am going to leave the people I love here behind. And that I am not yet ready to do that.

I have exactly 22 days left in the city, including today. And I vowed yesterday that I was going to make each one of them count. To capture everything and everyone I love in the city and express it here, so that when I am away, I know how to come back...

My glimpses of Bangalore from yesterday. I woke up (in the noon, at my god damn pretty house) with a feel-good fuzzy feeling inside my stomach. An early evening stroll led us to this:

Cacti - The first resident of Vazda's balcony garden
The evening felt as free as a balmy summer vacation from school. We decided to head out to Thubarahalli lake with mothers in tow, but that turned out to be a disaster! But never mind, Calvin is always to the rescue. Great ambience, comforting coffee, and unbelievably creamy spaghetti did wonders to the mood of the evening :)

Calvin's - A new cafe in Whitefield

Vazda and Vazda Senior - how happy after a failed lake visit :P

Spaghetti Alfredo and superb Garlic bread - I was so content after this I was ready to die happy
 The ladies then decided to catch up on a bit of shopping, which was quite entertaining I must say!

Checking out the nuances of shoemaking
And then Bangalore decided to rain!

 Well, that's all from yesterday :D Goodbye for now from my Laddoo of Happiness-
Vazda - She hates to be called my Laddoo :P


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